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Perfect for trading, exchanging at championships or collecting.

Enclosed in its own plastic wallet, each coin is 38mm in diameter, 3mm thick die-stamped brass with antique silver plating with high quality enamels to ensure bright colours, setting the logos off against the coin background.

Each is coin is $5.00

To order click on the email link below

You can have the coins shipped to you but you will have to pay the shipping costs.


you can choose to pick up your order from one of the PODC members. If you choose to pick up from the PODC, the closest member will contact you via email to arrange the pickup.

Once we have received your email, you will receive an invoice via PayPal with your total amount owing.

Payment can be made in person to the PODC member you are picking up from or direct through the Paypal Invoice - just follow the link in the invoice.

In your email, please make sure you say how may coins you would like and whether you would like them to be shipped or you would like to pick them up.

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