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The District Umpire-in-Chief is an elected position and represents Softball BC in each district under the direction of the Provincial Umpire-in-Chief. 


The DUIC act as a liaison between the PUIC and the umpires and umpire associations in their district. 


They administer all Softball BC Umpire activities within the district including clinics, evaluation, Provinical Tournaments and education of the district's umpires. In addition, they provide rule interpretations to umpires, coaches and leagues.


District 1   Teresa Allen

District 2   Shawn Brant

District 3   Vacant        

District 4   Geoff Bowering

District 5   David Maandag

District 6   Tyler Warren

District 7   Jeff Vanzella

District 8   Paul Muirhead

District 9   Lucas  Crosby

District 10 Vacant        

District 11 Kaleb Hutchinson

District 12 Ken Edwards

District 13 Geoff Watt  

District 14 Josko Dujmovic

District 15 Calvin Holman

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