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Provincial Official Development Committee


These members will carry the title of Provincial Deputy Umpire-in-Chief. Their duties involve developing educational materials for the Softball BC Umpire's Program, teaching at the SBC Mechanics School, assisting with the selection of umpires for Canadian and Western Canadian Championships and, working with the Provincial UIC to ensure that the umpiring program stays current with all the latest rules, mechanics and case plays.


An additional focus of the committee is to assist the Provincial District Umpire-In-Chiefs whenever they request help or require assistance with the district responsibilities.





Nicholas Allen -

Nick has been involved with softball since the age of 9, as a bat boy for his parents’ teams and as a player. When he was 15 a friend convinced him to try umpiring in Victoria with Langford Fastball while also playing; Nick loves every minute he can be on the field. Nick continued to play and umpire on the island until 2011 when he made the decision to move to Vancouver. Since the move, he has been very active with mentoring and helping those who are less experienced.  Nick was the park Umpire in Chief for the Richmond Girls Softball Association for 2 years and decided to step down to become the District 5 Umpire in Chief; the position he has held for 3 years.


Nick has attended 3 national championships and 1 western Canadian championship, he was also sent to the 2017 Canada Games in Winnipeg. Nick was awarded his Level 4 in 2013 at the U18 Girls Canadian Championships. Each tournament he has attended has given Nick the opportunity to grow as an umpire and he looks forward to sharing some of the skills and knowledge he has learned over the years.


Marni Bodnarchuk -

Marni has been involved as an Umpire since age 16 (or 17...she can't remember actually!) Marnie has been a member of the PODC for 3 years  and is now taking over as Provincial Education Officer. As the Education Officer, Marni will coordinate and approve instructors for clinics.  She has been an instructor at the last 3 Level III clinics and she loves it. Marni plays and active role in the Softball BC leadership meetings for  educating our I/E's on new rules and mechanics for upcoming clinics. She also assists in selections for Western and Canadian Championships as well as supervising at Provincials and Westerns held in BC.

Marni received her Level V certification at the Women's Canadian Championships in 2017 and achieved her WBSC certification shortly after.

What would she say to someone who is thinking about becoming an Umpire?

"Umpiring has taught me so  many life skills I sue in my regular job today; conflict resolution, confidence, work ethic, and passion. Umpiring has also give me some of my best friendships."

Laura MacMillan -

Laura originally started playing baseball at age 4 and switched to softball at 8. When she was 14, she started umpiring with Coquitlam Minor Softball. She thought that she would have more fun on the field participating in a sport she loved rather than flipping burgers at some fast-food joint. At her first clinic, she set a 10-year goal to attend a Senior Women’s Canadian. She determined what clinics, tournaments, and preparation she needed to do in order to reach her long-term goal. 10-years later, Laura reached her goal and attended the Senior Women’s Canadian Championship in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her greatest learning outcome throughout this journey was understanding that a failure can turn into great success as long as you are willing to work hard, listen to your mentors, and practice until it is routine.

In 2016, Laura received her Level V certification and then her WBSC certification in 2017. Throughout her umpiring career, she was a catcher for the Coquitlam Classics, Douglas College Royals, and currently with the Senior “A” Storm. Prior to becoming a PODC member, she was the Umpire-in-Chief for 10-years with Coquitlam Minor Softball Association. Laura is excited to take on a larger role with Softball BC Umpires and to give back to an organization that has greatly supported her journey.